"The event was great and more than what I expected. Both the traveling tips and raffle prize received are FABULOUS. Thanks again, ladies at CBP!”
Jennifer L.
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  “As a first time mom-to-be who works full-time as an executive for a public company, finding the time and determining what I needed for the baby seemed an impossible task.  Capital Baby Planners made it easy.  They visited us to determine our living style and then made several recommendations, including research on each product including safety ratings, for each item we needed.  They also met me to shop and set up our registry.  I couldn't be happier with the guidance, assistance and attention to detail we received.  I highly recommend their services.”
Karen Krackov Whitt, CPM, RPA, CRE
President, Strategic Accounts
Executive Managing Director
Grubb & Ellis Management Services, Inc.
*         *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         “I was so overwhelmed when I walked into my first baby store and had no idea where to begin. Capital Baby Planners put together a comprehensive list of all the items that were essentials for me to start out and made recommendations on products that were best for me, based and their knowledge of and experience with the products and how they would best fit into my lifestyle.  They also helped me choose the perfect furniture for my nursery, taking into account our space restrictions and style preferences. They did all of the leg work for me and I could not have done this without them!”
Melissa Brody Garden
Director, Communications and Special Events
New Meadowlands Stadium
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          "I am originally from Lebanon and have lived in the United States for only a few years.  At the time I hired Capital Baby Planners, I was 23 weeks pregnant and had not researched or purchased any of the furniture or gear I needed for my babies' arrival.… Meredith and Sharon helped me with everything.  They are very personable, friendly, and supportive, and they were always available to help when I needed them, whether by phone or email.  I would recommend them highly to any friend in need of a baby planner!"
Diala S.
Potomac, MD