Monday, February 21, 2011

What works for YOU?

As we prepare a personalized registry for a new client, we feel compelled to remind all of you expectant parents to take with a grain of salt all of the advice people give you. A friend might love her UPPAbaby Vista, but she never has to fold it because she stores it in her garage -- and folding the Vista is no small task! Your sister-in-law raves about her Britax Chaperone car seat, but she never carries it more than 20 feet, while you'll need to lug your car seat (and baby!) to your second-story walk-up -- a ten-pound car seat just won't do the trick. Your cousin tells you that she breast fed her son until he was two-years-old and "look how smart he is now!" but you might throw your breast pump out the window if you have to squeeze out one more drop of milk. Consider your needs, and realize that as well-intentioned as advice-givers may be, you are the one who's swaddling your baby, wearing your nursing bra, and crying with joy over your baby's first smile. You need to do it your way.

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