Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pregnant In Heels - Oy

On the, well, heels of the premiere of Pregnant in Heels, we feel compelled to blog. For the sake of our clients -- past, present, and future -- and for the sake of ourselves and our dignity, we can't not say...

This is not what we do and this is not who our clients are!

We work with stressed moms-to-be who have a hard time getting out of the office before 8 pm, let alone getting themselves to a baby store for a leisurely browse and product comparison. Pregnant women who are on bed rest and need our support, and our legs, to prepare them for their baby’s birth. An expectant dad who loves his wife so much that he wants our help to surprise her by creating a nursery that’s just her style. A twin-mom-to-be who moved to DC from another country and doesn't have the support of her distant family or a close network of friends. We could go on.

We don't name babies. We don't stage interventions for women who are emotionally unprepared for their babies (though we might gently suggest utilizing one of the psychologists we work with who specialize in helping women transition to motherhood).

Reality tv is undeniably fun to watch. Who hasn’t found themselves caught up in the latest edition of “The Bachelor” or giggling over flipped tables on the “‘Real’ Housewives”? But reality TV is not real. What we do is. And to the clients we serve, it really matters.

That's all.


  1. Beautifully put! These crazies are in a class of their own!

  2. You ladies are amazing. I wish CBP had been up and running before I had number 2. Would've LOVED your services.