Thursday, July 21, 2011

Balancing Act of New Parent Fitness

-submitted by Britax

“What does baby gear and being a 'fit' parent have to do with each other,” you ask? May seem silly, but certain types of baby gear can in fact make it easier for mom (and even dad…) to get back to her (their) pre-baby shape. Strollers and baby carriers offer great health benefits if you use them correctly.

Below is just a short list of ways to get back on track with baby in tow! By “shape,” we are referring to your mind, body AND spirit! As always, to ensure that you are cleared to begin exercising, get the approval from your OB-Gyn during your post-delivery check-up.

Getting your mind back in shape:
· Set realistic goals and start by taking a short stroll with your sleeping angel in her B-Ready Stroller to clear your mind. Take in the sights and smells around your neighborhood that you haven’t been able to truly appreciate for most of the third trimester.

Getting your body back in shape:
· When you’re ready to get really serious, throw your B-Agile Stroller in your car and drive to the closest Stroller Strides class. First class is usually free! Don’t forget your nugget, b/c he will provide the extra weight you’ll need to build those lean muscles!

Getting your spirit back in shape:
· Pull out your brand new Britax Baby Carrier when your little guy hits eight pounds. With the simple slip-on-and-off design, you can easily check a few chores off your growing list while “little cranky” naps quietly on your chest.

Just keep reminding yourself that your miracle monster who keeps you up all night really does mean well. Try your best to keep your mind, body and spirit in check during this trying time and you’ll be the best parents you can be! After nine months of constant catering and then being forced to enter a foreign world of bright lights and weird looking googly-googly-goo faces, I would want a little extra attention every now and again, too.


  1. That's a very clever way to market, Britax! :) (And yeah, I do love their carseats, but admit to having never tried their strollers, etc.).

  2. Danie, Britax has done its research! If you want to check out some of their latest gear, come touch, feel, fold, and push at Equinox next week. We'll have all of their gear there. AND every day one attendee will get to choose one of the following four Britax products for her very own: Frontier 85, B-Agile Stroller, B-Safe car seat, Britax Baby Carrier. We'd love to see you there!