Friday, July 22, 2011

An Extra Set of Hands Can Help Moms Get Back into Shape

Submitted by Au Pair in America

Is there anything that new moms could use more than extra hours in the day? Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to get more hours in the day.  What we have found is that having an extra set of hands can help you fit more in your day.
In years gone by, it was common for new moms to have the support of their own mothers or other family members in the early weeks after giving birth. That is not always possible nowadays.  Many new moms have found that having an au pair can provide that much needed extra set of hands.

Au pairs are carefully screened, live-in child care providers from countries all over the world. These young woman (aged 18-26) come to the U.S. to live with an American host family to provide child care and learn about American language and culture.

During the first three months, an au pair can assist you in caring for the baby as well as independently caring for older siblings. Once your baby reaches three months, an au pair is authorized to care for the baby on her own. Au pairs can also help with childcare related housekeeping tasks such as the children’s laundry, preparing meals and tidying their bedrooms and play areas.

Having someone to help with these tasks can allow you to carve out a little “me time.” It’s important for new moms to set aside time to take care of themselves. In addition to getting adequate rest, exercise is an important thing for new moms to make time for. The health benefits of getting back into shape post-baby are only part of the equation. Exercise is also a great stress reliever. Taking care of yourself is essential for you to be able to take the best care of your baby.

Getting and staying in shape after the birth of your baby will help you be a more physically active and engaged parent. Making fitness a priority for your family, will set a positive example for your child and set them on the path to an active, healthy lifestyle. 

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